Micro to Mainframe (Pty) Ltd

If you have landed here on purpose you must have clicked on the domain in our email address.

Micro to Mainframe was founded in 1989 when PCs were called micro computers. We did this really strange thing at the time. We connected PCs to large IBM mainframe computers running core banking systems.

Then we were really weird and moved your COBOL Dev environment off of the mainframe onto a PC.

AND… we supplied developers with a rich set of development, debugging and testing tools to help you in your development.

BUT, then we saw that project teams (old school) did not know how to test.

SO, we came up with a better way of working and started testing as a profession.

In 2000 we transformed to a pure-play testing services company.

As a services company I realised that the product I was selling was what people do!

THE PROBLEM was that there were no testing professionals. People who would test on purpose and for money.

That started this specific journey, having a people focus, developing scarce skills and changing the way software project teams delivered software.

Agile came with transformation, now we have diversity. Try this for transformation and diversity 160 black female graduates transforming a white male dominated banking IT environment with a process that no-one really saw the need for. This was 2003.

To improve our product (what we do in testing) we formed a division Mentor-to-Mastery. We measured the outcome by what people do in the workplace. Result we reduced time to competence in the workplace, on the project to 1/3. Put that into real numbers – our people went from zero (why do I need a tester) to hero (finding bugs, delivering business value) in 1 year. Without mentoring, tutoring, coaching a person takes 3 years.

The moral of the story – if you want to transform your business, invest in what people do.

Late 2022 we started our journey with AI and we have transformed what we do in our company. That transformation goes under our brand DevOpsQA.

Whilst Micro to Mainframe (Pty) Ltd remains the entity through which we administer the business and pay taxes. DevOpsQA is the brand through which we transform your project teams by what we do and get your teams to do. The recipes and techniques we use have been refined over the 24 years for practical application in your project / feature team. To say that we do testing, is like saying the iPhone is does phone calls.